Victoria Pardo

Victoria Pardo

Associate Professor (Clinical)

Office Location

EACPHS, Room 2254





Physical Therapy


Associate Professor (Clinical), Physical TherapyAdmissions Chair, Physical Therapy

Victoria Pardo

Degrees and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Ottawa, 1987
  • Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy, University of Ottawa, 1991
  • Master of Health Science, Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis, 2003
  • Doctor of Health Science, Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis, 2010

Recent Publications

  1. Pardo V, Galen S. Treatment interventions for Pusher Syndrome: A case series. Neurorehabilitation 2019;44(1):131-140.
  2. Anderson C, Rajamani K, Pardo V, Adamo DE. Asymmetries in force matching are related to side of stroke in right-handed individuals. Neurosci Lett 2018;683:144-149.
  3. Finkbiner M, Gaina K, McRandall M, Wolf M, Pardo V, Reid K, Adams B and Galen S. Video Movement Analysis Using Smartphones (ViMAS): A Pilot Study. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2017: Issue 121. doi: 10.3791/54659
  4. Pardo V, Galen S, Gahimer J, Goldberg A. Reply to the Letter to the Editor Regarding our Article: Effects of Custom-Molded and Prefabricated Hinged Ankle-Foot Orthoses on Gait Parameters and Functional Mobility in Adults with Hemiplegia: A Preliminary Report. J Prosthet Orthot 2015;27(4): 120-121.
  5. Galen S, Pardo V, Wyatt D, Diamond A, Brodith V, Pavlov A. Validity of an interactive Functional Reach Test. Games for Health (2015) April 20 Epub ahead of print. doi:10.1089/g4h.2015.0002.
  6. Pardo V, Galen S, Gahimer J, Goldberg A. Effects of custom-molded and prefabricated hinged ankle-foot orthoses on gait parameters and functional mobility in adults with hemiplegia: a preliminary report. J Prosthet Orthot. 2015;27:33-38.
  7. Pardo V, Knuth D, McDermott B, Powell J, Goldberg A. Validity, reliability and minimum detectable change of the maximum step length test in people with stroke. J Neurol Sci. 325:74-78, 2013.

Courses taught by Victoria Pardo

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