Transcript evaluation resources

The Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (EACPHS) is a professional college requiring students to complete a specific set of coursework and other requirements before applying to our programs. (See the admissions requirements for the program in which you are interested.) This guide provides students with resources they can use to evaluate past coursework and make plans to complete remaining prerequisite courses.

International and out of state students whose schools are not available on the transfer credit website may request a transcript evaluation from an academic services officer. International students must first receive a course-by-course evaluation. To request a transcript evaluation from an academic services officer, complete a transcript evaluation request form and submit it with transcripts from all colleges and universities attended. Transcripts do not need to be official, and you must include your email address. We will return your request via email. We ask for two weeks from the time we receive your request to process your evaluation.

The EACPHS Office of Student Affairs is not a traditional advising office. However, we are available to field specific questions about our pharmacy and health care sciences programs. Students who have questions about specific classes or prerequisites after completing their own evaluation may forward their completed evaluation, transcripts, and specific questions to our office. Students who would like a one-on-one advising session to review course selection and planning, should contact the University Advising Center to schedule an appointment.

Transcript evaluation request form

All other students should conduct a self-service transcript evaluation as described below.

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    Step 1

    Self-service transcript evaluation

    Gather transcripts from all colleges and universities attended before beginning your evaluation. This is imperative to receiving a comprehensive and complete evaluation.

    • If you have taken all of your coursework at WSU, you may skip to the third step.

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    Step 2

    Use transfer information resources to find equivalent coursework.

    Check the equivalency guides page for college and university coursework that are commonly transferred to our college.

    • Use the Transfer Credit Evaluation website for a comprehensive list of all courses evaluated by WSU.
    • Search for your school under "Equivalency Tables.
    • After selecting your school, a table of all coursework will appear in alphabetical order by the school course subject code on the left hand side, followed by the name of the course and the WSU course equivalent (if applicable). A course with nothing listed under the WSU course equivalent means that this course does not transfer to WSU. A course with a number and XXX beside it (example: BIO 2XXX) means that WSU will give you credit for the course, but it has no direct equivalent. A  course with a full number displayed (e.g., BIO 1510)  is a direct equivalent at WSU. A course that transfers to WSU in two parts will note the requirement in the "course name." For example, WSU's MATH 1800 might display as a two-part transfer:
      • "MATH 1420 PRE-CALCULUS 1/2 1800 MAT1XXX" and
      • "MATH1430  PRE-CALCULUS 2/2 1800  MAT1XXX"
    • You can also search for prerequisite courses by the WSU course name and number. To do so, click on the "Search by WSU Course Equivalents" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
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    Step 3

    Launch the self-service prerequisite worksheet

    Launch the self-service EACPHS prerequisite worksheet to enter your equivalent coursework and calculate your grade point average. Please note that this tool does not have a save function. You must print a copy in order to save your work.

    • This worksheet is able to calculate your grade point average for all programs listed. Once the course is entered, it will transfer the information on the worksheet to all other programs with the same class requirement.
    • Students with a bachelor's degree or who have satisfied the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) as outlined by the WSU transfer policy do not have to complete the courses listed under the "General education requirements" section of the EACPHS prerequisite eorksheet.