Strategic plan

Mission, vision, and values

This strategic plan of the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (EACPHS) guides the strategic plans for divisions, departments and/or programs in the College. In turn, the objectives of the unit strategic plans should be integrated into the College's annual goals. The College's strategic plan integrates into the University's strategic plan.


EACPHS will advance health and wellness through preparation of highly skilled and diverse health care practitioners and researchers who discover and implement improved models of practice and treatments in health sciences and pharmacy.


EACPHS will be internationally known for its interprofessional approach to training students, performing groundbreaking research, engaging in our community and patient care in ways that positively impact the health, safety, and well-being of the world. 


The faculty, staff, and students will embrace a core set of values to achieve our mission. These values ensure that the vision of EACPHS is obtained with a culture of respect, appreciation of diversity, accessibility, compassion, caring, advocacy, integrity, and evidence-based decision making centered around a commitment to excellence and desire to be responsive to the needs of our communities. 

These values include:

  • Collaboration: We work in interprofessional teams to achieve greater outcomes than achieved by working in silos. We consistently seek input but remain mindful of the need for timely action.
  • Integrity: We are accountable for our words and deeds. We support our commitments, while using foresight to ensure fairness and growth.
  • Innovation: We listen to new ideas. We embrace change. We are not afraid to take on new challenges. We establish and promote opportunities to exchange innovative approaches.  We embrace growth, recognizing the limited success and inaction of the past.
  • Patient-Centered Care: We put the patient first. We train the future generation of care providers in the ethical, compassionate, and respectful treatment of patients considering their diverse preferences, needs, values, and cultural beliefs.
  • Knowledge: We strive to acquire and disseminate knowledge to future professionals and scientists. We use this knowledge to advance patient care and fuel the paradigm shifting discoveries that advance health care.
  • Excellence: We set the highest standards for ourselves and highest expectations for our students. We engage in continuous assessment and feedback to propel improvement.
  • Diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility: We care about all people and understand that their unique experiences, talents, and perspectives make us a stronger college. We advocate to increase the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students, and we work to ensure equity and accessibility to all.
  • Leadership: We encourage and reward leadership tempered by respect, empathy, and compassion. We train the next generation of leaders. We create pathways for students, staff, and faculty to develop into leaders. We encourage engagement of leaders with students, staff, and faculty in open forums.


EACPHS is committed to retention and growth of a diverse population of high-quality faculty, students, and staff to facilitate patient care, research and scholarship that addresses real-world challenges and opportunities. EACPHS will build on past success and commit to enhancing community engagement and service, to grow diversity, to engage alumni and stakeholders, and to establish a culture of focused strategic decision making grounded in fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurialism.

Strategic goals and objectives


EACPHS consists of 11 accredited health care disciplines that offer degrees or certificates for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Graduates of the Medical Laboratory ScienceMortuary ScienceRadiologic TechnologyRadiation Therapy Technology and Health Sciences programs are awarded the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

A Master of Science (MS) degree is awarded to graduates of the following programs: Pathologists' AssistantPhysician Assistant Studies, and Pharmaceutical Sciences programs.

A Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree is awarded to graduates of the Occupational Therapy program.

Doctoral degrees are awarded to graduates in Physical Therapy (DPT), Nurse Anesthesia (DNAP) and Pharmacy (PharmD) programs. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is awarded to graduates in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

EACPHS is a complex organization that includes several health care disciplines. Many disciplines have their own accreditation standards and comprehensive assessment plans. Given this, standardized metrics that apply to all units within the College equally are extremely challenging. However, EACPHS believes that common goals and visions, with metrics, are needed to track progress and adherence to our common visions.

Each unit, as defined by the leadership of EACPHS, will be responsible for developing unit-specific strategic plans with goals, objectives, and metrics that contribute to the College's strategic goals. In addition, assessment will be conducted at all levels and compared with previous data, should it exist. Departmental and program objectives and metrics will be reflected in the College strategic plan and will be updated periodically.

In line with the 2022-27 strategic plan of Wayne State University, EACPHS has the following strategic focus areas:

Each goal is equally important to achieving our mission, and all are equally valued.  EACPHS recognizes the unique strengths of our programs, their faculty, staff and students.  EACPHS programs have distinct missions and accreditation requirements that necessitate programmatic defined criteria of scholarship, workload and service for faculty and staff to ensure their success. This strategic plan is not meant to standardize these criteria amongst these programs, and programs are not expected to contribute equally to all goals.